Saturday, April 30, 2022

Living Life, Because Others Cannot

It is very hard to share the blessings
of my safe, easy life 
while knowing others are being terrorized and killed. 
I am choosing to connect - because others cannot.
Sharing here shows my appreciation 
for my times in nature, 
exposure to music and culture, 
and fellowship with people 
and with the dogs I caretake. 
I am documenting these moments 
both to remind myself 
and to hopefully bring joy to others. 
Peace be with you.
I've been sad. 
Rain and tears have fallen.
Having a warm puppy to care for has helped me find purpose.
How are you dealing with the horror of the suffering in Ukraine?
I've decided to support artists. 
By encouraging creativity I feel hope.
I strongly believe that those in peril would want me to 
embrace as many moments of joy possible. 
So here are photos of the events and sites 
I was blessed to experience this month. 
I am thankful.
It's been wet and cold here. 
I've been wearing sweaters,
except this one.
(Ask me the story sometime.)
It's been soggy here.
The April showers theory remains true.
And here's the flowers to prove it.
Doing puzzles while listening to podcasts, audiobooks 
and even the news 
helps me to stay focused and calm.  

Months and months ago I splurged on tickets to a Blackhawks 
ice hockey game - for the Star Wars night.
I had never been to a professional hockey game before 
and the perk of a silly theme (and t-shirt) 
made the purchase even sweeter. 
But, by the time the event came around 
it was conflicting to be so frivolous. 
So I leaned into noticing the talent of the players,
the excitement of the children 
decked out in Blackhawks swag, 
and the intense Star Wars fans. 
It was a winning strategy, even though the home team lost.
For a Christmas gift we were given tickets 
to see Alton Brown Live.
What a hoot. 
It felt really good to laugh.
This summer I got to hear Aly and AJ.
They play music that makes me feel energized.
This month I had tickets to go hear them again - not solo -
but ended up "being alone" there - in the mosh pit - with about 1,000 others. 
I wore a mask and admired others' fashion choices.
The House of Blues is such a cool venue.
I love the delivery of powerful lyrics. 
I love all the light and background choices at concerts.
Knowing others are suffering has made it hard to smile.
Comfort foods have helped.
This is how I currently "say cheese."
Occasionally escaping into a show online,
a frivolous movie, or some LPs helps 
my heart and brain rest. 
I continue to try to be aware of my surroundings 
and appreciate the colors and designs around me.
The power of writing and the power of letting go.
have both been cleansing for me this month.
Another opportunity to celebrate talent 
came my way when the band
came to Chicago during their first tour.
Here I am with Pepper and the band members!
While waiting for the concert to start I noticed 
a guy wearing a vintage t-shirt
that I happen to own. 
I went and struck up a conversation.
Ends up he plays in The Criticals!
It was so great to be around people enjoying music. 
It felt so good to support a friend as she pursues her dreams. 
I had the perfect stationary to use to write 
a few friends about my rock n roll events.
Art, theater, literature, and music.
The Humanities. 
Creative endeavors made by humans. 
These are what keep me glowing and going.  
The last time I was at The Vic I was with Phamily
and heard the brilliance of the artist Scarypoolparty. 
This time it was to hear the comedian, Marc Maron.
Although the jokes were raunchy at times,
I was grateful for the power of laughter.
What are you filling your days with?
Have you been able to enjoy
the electric vibe of a concert, 
the thrill of live sports,
the awe of a piece of literature, 
and the wonder of visual art?
Guard your heart and mind.
Fill them carefully.
Thanks for your readership and kindness towards me.
I hope you bring and are brought joy today.